Hi-Lo Siren to help with evacuations: Watch video!

 The Ventura County Sheriff's Office has equipped its emergency vehicles with a new Hi-Lo siren meant to notify residents of an immediate need to evacuate during emergencies.

The sound is different from regular police sirens, signaling to those who hear it that they are in immediate danger and need to evacuate, according to a Sheriff’s Department press release.

Gov. Gavin Newsom recently signed a bill authorizing the use of a European-style Hi-Lo siren to aid in emergency evacuations. The Ventura County Sheriff's Office will be using this warning siren in all disasters, including wildfires, earthquake and floods. 

With wildfires increasing in frequency and severity, this distinct siren will serve as a powerful tool in efficiently notifying the public of an encroaching fire and the need to evacuate, according to the Sheriff’s Department. “If residents hear the Hi-Lo siren in their community, it is a signal that they are in imminent danger and should evacuate immediately.”

To be best prepared during an emergency, the sheriff's office encourages residents of Ventura County to register for emergency alerts in their area by visiting .      

See a video of the new Hi-Lo siren here:





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