Letters to the editor April 2: Homeless veterans and pickle ball

Why sound walls for pickleball?

KAREN S. WILSON — Mira Monte

The taxpayers of the city of Ojai may be interested to learn that the city is in the process of erecting not just one, not just two, but three sound mitigation barriers on the City Hall/Community Garden campus.  These permanent structures are going up because three individuals have complained about the sounds of people playing pickleball on the volunteer-financed and built courts next to City Hall — a gift to the city and all residents of the Valley.  

In a time when the city is facing large revenue shortfalls, undertaking layoffs, and delaying public safety projects, why has the City Council approved a project costing thousands of dollars and hours of paid labor?  

Why are the City Council members bowing to the demands of one disgruntled resident, altering the beauty of a public park, and restricting use of the pickleball courts to a few hours a day? Perhaps Ojai voters and the Ojai Valley News could ask the councilmembers to explain this appeasement effort that privileges the intolerance of a few over the recreation and enjoyment of the many.

Creek Road no place for homeless vets


Re: your March 26 article, “Seabee’s last battle for Veterans’ Village”:

As many of you read in the newspapers, a local veteran's organization is in the process of buying Rancho Royale on Creek Road. The plan is to house up to 100 homeless veterans in a compound consisting of tents, RVs and cabins. 

This would severely impact the traffic in the area and dramatically increase the water usage, sewage, and utilities and it appears to allow cabins to be built in the floodway of San Antonio Creek. 

It is time to wake up a sleeping giant in the realm of allowing this to happen without a public hearing where our community has a chance to voice their opinion. We have a small, peaceful community and want it to remain in this condition. 

I have lived here on Creek Road for 36 years and raised my children on a horse-boarding facility. 

I propose to form a group-solidarity (Concerned Citizens of Creek Road, Saddle Mountain, and Oak View) to approach the county of Ventura and the city of Ojai with our concerns. Also, please write to county Supervisor Matt Lavere @This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 805-654-2703. 





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