Ojai Valley News' editorial response to Sheriff Ayub's 4-9 Op-Ed

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Ojai Valley News’ editorial response to Sheriff Ayub’s Op-Ed:
Why does Sheriff William Ayub believe that the city of Ojai should pay the equivalent to a city twice its size, with twice the crime rate, and 10 times the violent crime (Fillmore)?
Sheriff Ayub proves our argument that the city of Ojai is subsidizing the county when he states that the city of Ojai is “responsible for 39% of the reported crime” in the Ojai Valley, when it pays 50% of most of the costs. These subsidies must be addressed by the sheriff, the Ojai City Council and the Ventura County Board of Supervisors.
Despite repeated requests, the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office has not provided the data requested by the Ojai Valley News or by the city of Ojai to break out statistics for the city of Ojai as compared to the Ojai Station jurisdiction area of 30,000 people. Neither has the sheriff shared data related to calls for service inside the city compared with the Ojai station jurisdiction area. 
The graphs and arguments presented by the Ventura County Sheriff's Office are based upon a portion of the data, making its graphs and arguments irrelevant. To date, the OVN and the city have not been given access to this vital data.