Letters to the Editor May 28

Affordable housing is needed in Ojai
The current housing prices and rental rates deserve a front-page article and ongoing coverage.
It is time to address affordable housing and actually build units in the community to keep low- to middle-income residents in Ojai.

Review water charges
Re:  Casistas Water Meter Charges
The monthly standby charges ( presume water meter charges) are very high. They are $ 67.31 per month in our bill. These charges are, in most months, higher than the bill for water usage. It would be fairer to pay a little extra per unit based on the monthly water usage. 
I think Casitas needs to review these charges.  

Zebra bump hazards
From conversations with friends, I know I’m not the only person in town who thinks that the “zebra bumps” in front of the Vons business area are hazardous, puzzling, unattractive and downright dangerous. I particularly worry about people new to Ojai encountering the bumps, especially at night!
Like many people in town, I drive that area of road several times a week and thought I would become accustomed to the bumps, but that hasn’t happened, nor have I read a reasoned explanation for their existence. In all the traveling I’ve done, I haven’t seen another town on Earth with these bumps. Are they statistically safe elsewhere or just a peculiar Ojai invention?
Considering all the cities in the world that accommodate bicyclists, surely one of them has come up with a design for a safe bicycle lane. It would be great if one of our reporters could do the research and enlighten your bewildered readers!


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