Grateful City Council thanks Deputy Casas

9 3 21 Chief Rivera Reily photo

Photo by Reily Brown

Deputy Ramon Casas’ silhouette is captured in this photograph taken July 30 as the deputy helped contain a fire on Montgomery Street before the Ventura County Fire Department arrived. He is also honored for helping a man escape the flames.

Ojai Police Chief Jose Rivera gave this presentation to the Ojai City Council on Aug. 24, honoring Sheriff’s Deputy Ramon Casas for his heroic actions on July 30. Ojai City Manager James Vega presented Deputy Casas with a proclamation and Ojai Centennial Coin in appreciation of the deputy’s quick action and service to the community. City Council members expressed their gratitude on behalf of Ojai residents.

By Ojai Police Chief Jose Rivera

Mayor Stix, councilmembers and staff, thank you for the opportunity and time for this presentation tonight. The city has always been great at recognizing those whose actions promote good will or enhance our communities. 

Tonight is no different, but I’m very proud that we are recognizing one of my own. 

Deputy Ramon Casas is an 110year veteran of the Sheriff’s Office and was assigned to the Ojai Police Station for approximately 5 ½ years.

On July 30, Deputy Ramon Casas was working patrol within the city of Ojai. At about 10:50 p.m., he noticed a very large plume of smoke and red-hot embers rising up above several buildings near Libbey Park. 

Deputy Casas quickly responded to the park and discovered a large palm tree that was fully engulfed in flames. He also saw a subject who was frantically waving his arms and kicking dirt on the palm tree. This subject tried to run into the flames to save some of his personal belongings, but Deputy Casas quickly grabbed him and pulled him to safety. 

The fire quickly grew and began spreading toward some adjacent homes and commercial buildings. Deputy Casas grabbed his fire extinguisher from his patrol unit and used it to slow the spread of the fire until the Fire Department arrived. 

There is no doubt that if it wasn’t for Deputy Casas’ sharp observations and quick response to action, this fire would have quickly spread to the adjacent commercial and residential buildings, causing significant damage and endangering residents. Deputy Casas’ actions also saved the subject who was near the fire from sustaining serious injuries by quickly getting him out of harm’s way. 

I am very proud of Deputy Casas and the actions he took that night. I am also proud of all my deputies who patrol your communities day and night to ensure the safety of everyone in the Ojai Valley. 

A special thank you to Laura Buschmann and Reily Brown who took the photographs of the fire that are featured on the screen and were on the front page of the Ojai Valley News. Thank you for allowing us to feature your pictures during this meeting.  

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