VC Public Health reports 3 more deaths of area residents with COVID-19

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Since Sept. 2, there are 93 new COVID-19 cases reported and 5,794 new tests performed, according to Ventura County Public Health. There are 123 people hospitalized, 29 in intensive care units. There have been three additional deaths of three people — a 64-year-old man, and two women, ages 64 and 91.

77.1% of Ventura County's population 12+ has received the first dose.

78.8% of Ventura County's population 18+ has received the first dose.

68.8% of Ventura County’s population 12+ are fully vaccinated.

Each Wednesday, Ventura County Public Health reports the number of fully vaccinated people  who have become infected with COVID-19 and how many fully vaccinated people have died with COVID-19. On Sept. 1, it reported 17 fully vaccinated people had died; on Aug. 25, 11 it reported 11 fully vaccinated people had died; and on Aug. 18, it reported nine fully vaccinated people had died.

Although there are breakthrough infections of people who are fully vaccinated, Public Health reports that, in most cases, COVID-19 vaccines are protective against serious illness from COVID-19.

Anyone age 12 and older can get vaccinated for free in Ventura County. Anyone who is immunocompromised 12 or older can get a booster at any vaccine location.

How do I get a copy of my vaccine record?

Visit   California's Digital COVID-19 Vaccine record portal to get a digital copy in minutes.

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