Letters to the Editor Oct. 1

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Ojai Valley News photo by Austin Widger

Gray Duncan, right, speaks with former Nordhoff High School ceramics student, Wyatt Amend, for an alumni program in April.


Beautiful memorial for teacher Gray Duncan

To the Nordhoff High School community and friends,


We are so appreciative of the beautiful memorial service on Sunday that you prepared for our son, Gray Duncan. It was so lovely and thoughtful in every possible way.

The people who presented stories and music were so genuine and moving and sometimes funny.

I can’t imagine how many students, parents and friends worked on the memento medallions, programs, envelopes, pins, etc.

The tables, flowers, ceramic displays, food and drinks were wonderful, as was the open house in Gray’s room. Thank you for all your efforts.

Our family is just crushed at our loss, but it was so comforting to know how many of you loved Gray as well, and it really came across.

It was good to know he helped so many and he spoke of how much he loved teaching and the friends he made along the way. Thank you, each and every one of you, for your efforts for the amazing memorial and for your friendship with Gray.

— Rod and Janice Duncan and Family 

Winery a wonderful asset

Re: your Sept. 24 article, “Lawsuit likely after supes deny Old Creek Ranch Winery appeal”:

The Old Creek Ranch Winery, as it stands today, is among the best destinations in the Ojai Valley, in my opinion.

To lose this asset would be a big loss for the community.

I just hope it’s not asking too much for our supervisors to rationally analyze the situation in ways that foster a positive outcome for the business, the neighbors and our community.

Joanne Bury Quinn — Ojai


Sour grapes

Re: the Holguin Family’s Sept. 24 OpEd, “Winery’s 2nd round with supervisors: Unfair policies must change”:

Who loses a unanimous vote twice, gets no decision in court and then declares victory?

I grant you I’m no big fan of the Ventura County Planning Department, but the sanctimonious Op-Ed from the Holguin Family took disinformation to a new level.

They bought a small funky winery on a one-lane, dead-end road and, without permits, started turning it into a Santa Ynez Valley-style winery/event center. Their neighbors who live on Old Creek Road freaked out.

The Planning Department fi led multiple notices of violation for holding big events, building a larger wine-tasting area, expanding the buildings and paving a large parking lot, complete with electric-car chargers.

On a vote of 5 to 0, the Holguins’ appeal of the Planning Commission rejection was denied by the Board of Supervisors.

Unwilling to accept what the community wanted, they went to court and only got a second appeal because the supervisors failed to write a list of fi ndings. In the latest hearing, they got the same result 5-0 against the winery expansion.

I’m disappointed that our supervisor, Matt LaVere, suggested his staff should again try to negotiate a settlement.

When Steve Bennett was supervisor in 2019, he got bad-mouthed, too. Andrew Holguin claimed our supervisors are to blame that there is only one rural winery in Ventura County while Santa Barbara has more than 300. Do we want 300?

I went to the winery when the Whitmans owned it and even went to a small wedding there. It fi t the location. I didn’t worry that our small group couldn’t get out if there was a fi re and it wasn’t a monster-sized Santa Ynez winery. That’s not who we are. We try to follow the rules. And if we lose, we don’t make a show of being morally superior to others. Now I guess they have plenty of money to fi le another lawsuit.

They could buy a winery in Santa Barbara County.

Turn sour grapes into wine up there.

John Brooks — Oak View


Open season on Christians

It was with dismay that I saw the Sept. 24 editorial cartoon mocking those requesting a religious COVID-19 vaccine exemption and Christians in general. It seems it is open season again on those of the Christian faith. I dare the cartoonist and the Ojai Valley News to publish a cartoon of Muhammed. Let see what happens then. Not so funny when they come after you, is it?

Rick Smith — Oak View


Respect is needed

I was very disappointed in the editorial “cartoon” of Sept. 24, insulting and mocking Christians, Jesus and the Bible. No matter what the OVN and the cartoonist’s opinion about vaccination, it was totally offensive and derogatory to many of your readers. I realize it was meant to be satirical, but it was not in good taste.

You are not going to convince anyone to get vaccinated by belittling them and their religion. Pretty narrowminded. Rather, we need to respect each other and maybe in that way open up a discussion.

I have always supported the OVN for over 40 years and believe in a community newspaper. The OVN can do better.

Cathy Wilcox — Ojai


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