Local Ojai youth to raise funds for families at Nov. 14 Ojai Farmers’ Market

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A hand-drawn flier for the upcoming bake sale, set to take place at the Nov. 14 Farmers' Market.


Grant Phillips, Ojai Valley News reporter

A group of inspired young Ojai residents between the ages of 10 and 13 will be hosting a bake sale and fundraiser at the Nov. 14 Farmers’ Market to help provide families with gifts and goods for the holiday season.


The group is looking to raise between $600 and $1,000 for families they have adopted as part of the Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation.

“They’re a really good group of kids and I really hope they can raise the money,” said Nikki Katz, whose children and friends are participating in the program.

The program, known as “Project Christmas,” includes 60 low-to-moderate income families with a child currently in treatment or newly diagnosed who are unable to financially provide a holiday celebration due to their circumstances.

A group of nine young Ojai students and their friends have adopted four families for the holidays and are trying to reach the allotted $100-per-child goal. The group of adopted children range in age to the not-yetborn (but due in November) to a 17-year-old.

The sponsorship allows the children and their siblings to choose exactly what they want from Santa.

TBCF then provides their wish lists to children who play Santa and help shop for their gifts. The presents are delivered by the TBCF’s “holiday elves” to each child’s home.

All proceeds from the bake sale will go to supporting the recently adopted families.

Sweet treats will include pies, cookies, brownies, raspberry jam bars, sourdough bread loaves and even freshly cut mistletoe, all made and assembled by local Ojai neighbors, helpers and kids.

The Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation served more than 471 children with holiday gifts during the 2020 season and provided an additional 253 individuals direct financial assistance. The foundation hopes to achieve similar numbers this year as well.

The foundation also offers an emotional support and an educational advisory program that serves to help families, teens, and children throughout the Tri-county areas.

The children will host their bake sale in the parking lot near Evergreen Chiropractic to the left of the main entrance to the farmers’ market from 9 a.m. to noon or until all the goodies are gone.

Additional information on the Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation can be found on their website at:


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