Westridge Midtown Market is latest store to sell Ojai Valley News


Westridge Midtown Market will be the first of several new in-store locations popping up around town selling single copies of the Ojai Valley News. 

“The coin-operated racks are starting to get old and coming up with six quarters every week can be challenging to readers,” said Ojai Valley News Publisher Laura Rearwin Ward. “Then with recent coin shortages, we began to think deeper about the future plan for keeping print news accessible in our community. Westridge Midtown Market is a perfect place because it’s a business that touches our community regularly.”

With paper prices on the rise, the new rate for the paper at news dealers is moving to $1.75.

Rearwin Ward said she is pleased with the response from local businesses wanting to make the paper available to their customers. “We plan to always keep some racks around for old-time’s sake and for the bargain hunters,” Rearwin Ward said, “but home delivery is still the best value at $1.33.”

Over the next few weeks, look for the Ojai Valley News sold inside Cafe Boku, Farmer and the Cook, and Lo>e Social Cafe. 

Business owners who would like to add local news value to their offerings are invited to contact the Ojai Valley News at 805-646-1476 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details on how to become a news dealer. 

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