COVID-19 Update: Public Health urges residents to avoid ERs for COVID-19 tests or minor health concerns

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This chart outlines the current number of hospitalizations related to COVID-19, which as of Jan. 14, was listed at 311 individuals, a new peak from the previous 14-day period. 


Due to increasing COVID-19 cases and the resulting strain on local health care systems, Ventura County Public Health is encouraging residents to avoid visiting the emergency room unless emergency medical care is needed. 

Local hospitals are experiencing an increase in COVID-19 hospitalizations, as well as critical staff shortages due to the coronavirus. They are preserving their resources for patients who are seriously ill. 

A statement released by the county government on Jan. 14 “Ventura County Health Officer Dr. Robert Levin would like to remind residents that they should not be visiting thew emergency department solely to get a COVID-19 test or for health matters that could be resolved through their primary care physician.”

“Emergency room visits should be reserved for those patients who are feeling severely ill — for example, those who are short of breath — or who have serious concerns about their health and who require immediate emergency care,” said Levin.

Ventura County residents who are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, have mild illness, or have not been exposed to someone who tested positive, should go to one of the many testing locations available in the County. 

For Ojai, the closest testing center is Covid Clinic, at Sarzotti Park (350 Park Road).

Appointments for COVID-19 tests can be made by visiting:

An additional list of state testing sites throughout the county can be viewed here:

The county government is working to increase access to testing and is opening two no-cost COVID-19 PCR testing sites on Jan. 18. 

They will be located at the Ventura County HSA Building (1400 Vanguard Drive, Oxnard) and at Moorpark College (75075 Campus Road, Moorpark). 

Appointments for the facilities will be required and can be made at:

As of Friday, Jan. 14, there have been 912 new cases and seven new deaths throughout the county. Current hospitalizations have also risen to 311, with 30 individuals in intensive care units. 

The seven deaths are four women, ages 63, 66, 78 and 102, and four men, ages, 70, 72 and 79.  

The R-effective for the county was listed at 1.39 on Jan. 14, indicating that the spread of COVID-19 was likely increasing rapidly. 

Throughout Ojai’s 93023 ZIP code, there have been 166 new cases over the the past 14-day period. 

For Oak View’s 93022 ZIP code, there have been 55 new cases over the past 14-day period. 

The county is also requesting individuals report price gouging for home-test kits. 

All instances of price gouging should be reported to the District Attorney's Office at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and should include: 

1. Date and time of purchase

2. Seller’s information including address, phone number and email

3. Cost of test kit

4. Cost of the test kit (if known) on Dec. 1, 2021, from the same seller

5. Contact information for the reporting party. 

Due to the high demand for COVID-19 vaccines and boosters, vaccination at the North Oxnard and South Oxnard Public Health Clinics will be available by appointment only for the week of Jan. 10. 

People with scheduled appointments will still be able to get vaccinated at the locations.  

There are more than 200 locations offering vaccines, and locations and appointments can be made and viewed at: or by calling: 833-422-4255. 

Additional information on COVID-19 on the county and city levels can be viewed at:


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