So, how was your walk? VC government wants to know

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What would Nancy Sinatra write in her Ventura County Transportation Commission Walk Audit?


(Readers are advised not to read this news sitting down.)

How was your walk?

Ventura County transportation folks not only want to know, they say they want to make it better.

Ever heard of a “walk audit”? 

That’s what we thought. 

That’s government-speak for filling out forms, but this could actually be kinda fun.

First, no experience is necessary to volunteer to walk, though most people over the age of 8 months have tried it a time or two.

The trick is to figure out how to make your walk better — comfier and accessible, according to the Ventura County Transportation Commission, which, you guessed it, has an online form for you to fill out.

But we gotta trust it’s going to be fun because we can do it with friends and family, according to the VCTC officials who just know that kids, especially, are going to love it.

But, seriously, the goal is to have a say in planning transportation for the future in a “Comprehensive Transportation Plan” that may or may not include flying cars by 2052 (easy math: the next 30 years). Elon, we need you.

And because it is a government plan, it has a government acronym — CTP — and involves the words “modes of transportation and mobility,” aka “walking, biking, driving, public transport, airports” and the VCTC press release adds “and more.” Maybe skipping, jogging, can we try teleporting?

This “walk audit” is to be done when it is “convenient” for the volunteers because who wants to volunteer for something inconvenient, right?

And there’s a cute pun. This convenient volunteering gig requires “two steps.” Really.

First step:

“1. Take a walk around your neighborhood, perhaps on the way to the park, grocery store, or while taking kids to school.” (Can’t we just go for a walk?) Oh, and we are reminded that it is “recommended that adults accompany youth.” 

Second step: Answer 10 questions online about ways to improve your walk.

The online form can be viewed at a super-long website that the OVN has shortened using the fun hack: 

Then, if you want a paper copy to learn about what everyone thought of their walk, you can get it by emailing someone at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The carrot for walking, going online and answering 10 questions by Feb. 28 is the chance to be entered into a drawing for a $50 bookstore gift card.

If you cannot wait to learn more about this county government walk audit, visit:

To delve deeper or request paper copies of the walk audit email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Just don’t read it sitting down — remember, this is a WALK audit!

The Ventura County Transportation Commission is the regional transportation planning agency committed to keeping Ventura County moving. Program information is available at:


Nancy Sinatra

would say, “Are you ready, boots? Start walking!”


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