K-8 San Antonio School, salaries and more on OUSD school board agenda Wednesday, Feb. 9

 Screen Shot 2022 02 07 at 3.21.33 PMChart via OUSD Agenda 

A price breakdown of current OUSD salaries as compared to average salaries in other Ventura County school districts. 


Grant Phillips, Ojai Valley News reporter

Making San Antonio Elementary School K-8, universal transitional kindergarten, new classes at Nordhoff High, trustee redistricting, student achievement in grades 6-8, and salaries at Ojai Unified School District are just some of the topics the school board will discuss at its Wednesday, Feb. 9 meeting.

The school board will meet in the boardroom at 414 E. Ojai Ave. Closed session will begin at 4:30 p.m., after briefly opening in public session to discuss two cases of anticipated litigation and labor negotiations. The board will reconvene in public session at 5:30 p.m.

View the agenda at: A full agenda for the meeting can be viewed here:

 Public comments may be submitted by 4 p.m. prior to the start of the meeting at:

Written public comments are not read aloud, but are provided to the school board, the Ojai Valley News and any member of the public who requests them.

Public comments can also be made in person during the meeting. Due to safety protocols, the number of individuals in the Board Room may be limited and masks will be required indoors at all times. 

Members of the public can watch the meeting via the Ojai Unified YouTube Channel here:

OUSD will unveil a universal transitional kindergarten plan, which is recommended by staff to begin in the 2022-23 school year. Ojai unified plans to accept all 4-year-old students who turn 4 by Sept. 1 into the TK programs offered at each site. The program will be funded by the state. The current plan is conceptual, rather than a full implementation, and a universal TK Plan is required by the state that will be brought to the school board for approval prior to June. 

A list of benefits, cost breakdowns and more information on the TK program can be found here:

Trustees will discuss a potential restructuring plan of San Antonio Elementary to transition into a K-8 school.

The program would begin in the Fall and would start with grades 6 and possibly 7, depending on enrollment, with a potential cap at 35 students for the middle school. 

Following approval of the initial proposal, the next steps for the district would include:

– Researching and visiting similar schools and programs 

– Master schedule and staffing considerations 

– Development of a lottery protocol for board approval 

– Facilities plan for implementation this summer

– Working with stakeholders and staff on implementation details. 

Additional information on the potential decision can be viewed here:

Nordhoff High School will revise its school science course sequence in a decision developed by the Science Department. This would include Integrated Physical Science and Lab Physical Science for all pathways in Grade 9 and several other Career Technical Education Pathway classes at other grade levels, all of which can be viewed here:

Nordhoff will rename four classes and add four new classes for implementation in the 2022-23 school year. 

The renaming portion will include:

– Reading Intervention Assistant 

– Peer Wellness P 

– Ceramics 1P and Ceramics 2P 

– Classroom Tutor. 

Descriptions of the new titles can be viewed here:

The new courses being considered for Nordhoff include: 

– Study Hall 

– Creative Language and Design P

– Environmental Biology P 

– Medical Chemistry P 

Descriptions and decisions behind the renamed classes can all be viewed here:

OUSD trustees will continue their evaluation of grade spans via their student achievement data with grades 6-8. This includes the core curriculum for students such as English Language Arts, Math, Social Studies and Science. 

Intervention and supplemental programs to help improve scores for grade 6-8 students can be viewed here:

Assembly Bill 130 requires an update related to the Local Control Accountability Plan and budget overview for parents prior to Feb. 28. A full breakdown of the LCAP actions and the midyear report can be viewed here:

This will include goals, current achievements, budget outlines and more related to LCAP. 

The district is also approaching their 30% design milestone on its districtwide solar project. Schneider Electric will present a progress report on cost and effectiveness of the project. 

Goals already achieved include:

– AB-841 ventilation grant application submittal and approval 

– A Solar Site Surveys 

– SOLE Visit and Site Evaluations 

– Geo surveys, underground radar and utility markings 

– EV charging and Microgram site surveys 

A variety of other information from the upcoming solar presentation can be viewed here:

In an effort to prepare for their upcoming negotiations and contract renewals, staff has completed an overview of the OUSD salaries as they compare to those in similar positions at other Ventura County districts. 

Nearly all Ojai Unified salary averages are lower than their Ventura County average. 

The superintendent salary for OUSD is listed at $184,158 with other averages in Ventura County districts listed closer to $238,333. 

The daily rate for teachers is also low compared to the district, with the Ventura County average listed at $408 per day while Ojai’s average is listed at $353 per day. 

The highest percentage difference was seen in the director of Human Resources role, which was 33% lower than the district average. The district listed the average salary at $136,204, while OUSD listed its at $90,600. 

A full breakdown of OUSD salaries compared with their district averages can be viewed here:

The redistricting process will return for review at the OUSD meeting as the final map must be approved by March. 

Adjustments to the map were made to ensure those who voted for Trustee Rebecca Chandler will remain in her district, while those who missed the last voting cycle will have a chance during the next election period in November. 

Two potential maps for adoption have been created by consultant, Cooperative Strategies, and can be viewed here:

Board member Kevin Ruf and board President Jane Weil have confirmed they do not plan to run again in the next election cycle, but board member Michael Shanahan told the Ojai Valley News he was still undecided. 

OUSD will also recognize Mira Monte student Montserrat Vega for the Ojai Unified Value of Inclusion Award as well as Nordhoff High School student Maya Allen for the Ojai Unified Value of Wellness Award. 

OUSD will recognize Volunteer of the Month Sara Kida from San Antonio Elementary School. 

There will be a presentation providing a school spotlight on Ojai Adult Education.

Or via the OUSD Facebook Page here:

The written comments as of Feb. 9 are:

1/12/2022 (after 4 p.m.)Archana Ram (Agenda item 7.2.1 for meeting on 1/12/22): " You don't have to have lived in Ojai your entire life to want to protect its character, its charm and its legacy. What you do need is a genuine commitment to understanding what makes Ojai so special and working towards those pillars. I've been an Ojai resident since 2019 and I try to live every day with those values in mind. We come to Ojai because we believe in community — cultivating friendships with neighbors, farmers and local business owners; being land stewards for our precious green spaces that live beside us; understanding our town's unique needs; and appreciating that we live in a place where most of us have the same pure, positive intentions. Projects like the proposed development with a 200-room hotel go against every value the many generations have woven into this community. It's informed purely by money without taking into account the real needs of our schools, our town and our residents. From the traffic it would unleash to the water it would guzzle, this project makes no sense on any level. Change can be an incredible force, but only when executed wisely and with this community in mind. Please vote NO and do not extend the ERN with SVS Dev. LLC. Let's work together to save Ojai from development."

1/14/2022 (Agenda item 7.2.1 for meeting on 1/12/22) — Ray Powers: "Hello, Thank you for your vote regarding the developer contract. My thoughts continue to be that any type of redevelopment, if that's the direction, needs to be Leeds certified and follow strategic and design approaches that are ecologically and economically sound. Part of the educational thrust of Ojai is the futurist visions of creating resilience through lifestyle and technological transition and adaptation. We are poised and malleable to monetize facilities through being beta sites and examples of the most modern and forward thinking examples of this. One designer/developer that has expertise in this area was at the Localizing California Water conference a couple of years ago. Myself, Bill Weirick and Kathy Nolan met Mark Brueher whose company specializes in repurposing schools and "green" design. Here's their website: Take a look at what's possible. Thank you for your continued commitment for the children. Best, Ray Powers"

2/5/2022 Steve Weed (General Public Comment): "As a substitute, I have an opportunity to observe teachers, staff and students at Matilija and Nordhoff regularly. I have been impressed with the overall “can do” attitude this year. There are signs of stress and concern of course. Given the environment and challenges, I very much like what I see. Although I am sure many things contribute to each person’s emotional health, I do know that the senior staff has programs in place especially to support staff. Simple things like Lunch with Tiffany reinforce that we are in this together. Thank you for focusing on those details; that’s what makes schools work."



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