Apply to save pollinators March 1

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Ojai Valley high school students can apply for a 10-week program to highlight threats and come up with solutions to preserve and restore Monarch butterflies, bees, and other crucial pollinators throughout the Valley. 

The Environmental Communications Internship is sponsored by the Green Valley Project, a program of the nonprofit C.R.E.W. 

The internship is designed to make a difference through repairing the environment with leadership opportunities. 

Communication interns will be guided by professional mentors in creating music videos, murals, and a photo series that will be displayed at the Agriculture Museum in Santa Paula. 

Their work will complement a project by other Green Valley Project youth volunteers to plant and promote “pollinator cooridors” at locations around the Ojai Valley.

Application submittals for the Environmental Communications Internship are due by March 1 and the internship program will begin mid-March. 

Applications can be submitted online at:


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