New classes coming to Nordhoff High and align science class choices to count for UC/CSU admittance

Nordhoff Rangers

Grant Phillips, Ojai Valley News reporter

Ojai Unified School District trustees voted unanimously to approve several new classes and course name changes for Nordhoff High School. 

New courses include Medical Chemistry, Environmental Biology, Creative Language and Design, and Study Hall. 

Study Hall will not be A-G eligible, while the three other courses are currently pending A-G approval. A-G means courses that are accepted for students to qualify to attend a California State University or University of California school.

Nordhoff will revise its science course sequence with guidance from the Science Department to continue moving toward high-quality Career Technical Education pathways and to ensure all students are receiving adequate physical science backgrounds. 

Currently, some ninth-grade students take Environmental Science, not realizing that it is not an A-G approved science course and only carries elective credits. Within the new model, all ninth-grade students will be required to take an A-G approved D science course — Physical Science and Lab Physical Science — regardless of their desired pathway. 

“In this model, all students take a D level class as freshmen,” said Superintendent Tiffany Morse. “We’re trying to really align better our A-G approval in science with what we’re asking kids to do for their graduation requirements.” 

For the Medical Pathway, Medical Chemistry, Emergency Medical Responder and Certified Nursing Assistant CTE Pathway courses will be offered to 11th and 12th grade students. The Certified Nursing Assistant course evolved from a grant received in 2020 and as a state-designed course, will begin taking applications from districts in March for the program. Approval for the program would not come until September, although enrollment will be offered for next year. The program has many specific requirements for students enrolling and needs a 70% pass rate in order to continue. 

For the 2022-23 school year, Nordhoff will rename several courses for clarity. Reading Intervention Specialist will transition to Reading Intervention Assistant; Peer Counseling will switch to Peer Wellness; Ceramics will add an additional course for second-year students; and Peer Tutors will transition to Classroom Tutors. 

Explanations of the title changes as well as information related to their curriculum can be viewed at:


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