Further updates from Ukraine via OVN's contact

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Photo by Nykyta 

A building in an old district of Lviv, Ukraine on Feb. 25


A report from an Ojai Valley News close contact in Lviv, Ukraine, from Feb. 26:

There are not many military activities in Lviv and its regions today. There are lots of sirens.

"Ukrainians are pretty confident in their army, and will do all they can to do defend their home. We are getting lots of videos of Russian soldiers who are surrendering or fleeing towards Russian territory. 

"The government officials were also asking for any help like making Molotov cocktails, drones, hackers' assistance,  and drivers for transporting snacks, food, military equipment and people.

"We are missing or have low numbers of some types of food like protein bars, some of the snacks (chocolate bars), cereals products like spaghetti, rice, buckwheat, but I dont think it's that critical. All other products are there. Also the Russian troops seem to have a lot of issues with getting fuel and food; maybe logistics are not working that properly.

"It's much worse in states where the actions are going.

"Lviv has also built block posts on the city's entrance. Schools, and any other similar buildings are being prepared or already settling refugees there.

"Locals try to help with all the necessaries like medicines, food, other (power banks, tape, printers, laptops, etc) and clothes.

"They also collect the same with ammunition on top of that.

"We are also trying to do some help there with some warm clothes and useful utils.

"Even though there is queues to donor the blood there is a lack of rare types of blood in all cities.

"Today we did a small trip over our neighborhood to look around for any possible marks, transmitters. The news is talking about how that help enemies rockets and tactic groups move, hit important buildings.

"Even though a lot of people are running towards borders even more are willing to go to defend the country.

"Many volunteers are helping people from other regions as well as help the army.

"The worst part is casualties from civilians. People who accidentally were at the wrong place at the wrong time. Russians also shoot into hospitals and civil buildings as you have seen in the videos and pictures. 

"Even an ambulance was hit today a couple of hours ago.

"Ukraine will show Russians their place.

"It's really good we are getting help from other countries. And we really appreciate all the help they are doing."

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