Online hearing Tuesday, March 29, on oil company’s plan to expand waste injection into aquifer near Piru

Holser original copyAquifer Exemption map from the  California Geologic Energy Management Division (CalGEM).

Piru is the dot at the bottom of the map. The aquifer exemption areas are the black shapes on the map.


An online public hearing is set for today, Tuesday, March 29, at 5:30 p.m., to discuss allowing an oil company to inject oil and gas production waste into an aquifer, with an expanded area from the current 64 acres to 111 acres about 3.3 miles east-northeast of Piru.

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The aquifer is in the area of the Holser Oil Field in eastern Ventura County.

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The hearing will consist of a presentation on the Aquifer Exemption process and the exemption of the oil-bearing portions of the Holser Aquifer from provisions.

For detailed information on the proposed exemption, visit:

The Underground Injection Control Program regulations allow the Environmental Protection Agency to allow underground sources of water that do not currently — and “will not serve as a source of drinking water in the future, based on certain criteria” — to be used by energy, mining and other companies for disposal and oil- and mineral-extraction purposes.

Disposal means injecting fluids associated with oil and natural gas production into the aquifers.

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