Perry’s ‘A White Album’ tackles tough issues

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Photo by Timothy Teague

Rain Perry

Ojai musician Rain Perry is releasing “A White Album” on Precipitous Records on April 15.

This is her fifth collaboration with Mark Hallman of Texas, who produced the album and played most of the instruments for it.

Featuring guest appearances by Ben Lee, Akina Adderley, BettySoo and Wilco’s Mikael Jorgensen, Perry takes a fresh look at her own family history through the lens of race in seven original songs and two covers.

According to a news release, “Rain Perry wades into the fraught topic of the day” in “A White Album,” “in which she asks, with clarity, empathy and a little wry humor: What does it mean to be white? Can we learn if we face our demons head on? Can we get past the defensiveness and shame and build a more just and empathetic America?”

Perry wrote: “Of all the tracks on the new album, ‘Melody & Jack’ captures most simply what I’m trying to do, which is to take an openhearted, clear, and honest look at growing up white in America. It’s based on a story my grandmother told me about a little boy who had a crush on my mom. It wasn’t until years later — when I was writing this record, in fact — that I understood the story in its historical context, which was very moving to me.”

American singer-songwriter Chuck Prophet wrote about the album: “Her latest project goes after that tricky third rail of race, entitlement and whiteness. That got your attention, right? That’s why Rain is an inspiration to many of us. She’s always reaching for something. And finding new ways to do it.”

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