Meiners Oaks Water District to review water rate increase - April 19 meeting

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Meiners Oaks Water District offices on El Roblar Ave., Ojai. 

On Tuesday, April 19 the Board of Directors of Meiners Oaks Water District (MOWD) has a regularly scheduled meeting, which will be held virtually. 

Items scheduled to be voted on include a required notice for an upcoming public hearing for a water rate increase, allocating $200,000 for an upgrade to MOWD’s water treatment plant and the approval of three “will-serve” letter requests for parcels at: 270 N. Lomita, 578 El Sol, and 1377 S. La Luna. Will-Serve Letters are required for new water service. 

Closed session items on the agenda include the Ventura River Watershed adjudication lawsuit  and the case of Meiners Oaks Water District v. Moll, et al.. 

Agenda items that will be voted on include appointing Chair of MOWD’s Board, Mike Etchart as representative to the Upper Ojai River Groundwater Agency, and James Kentosh as alternative. 

Etchart and Kentosh in those roles are listed on a prepared resolution that is included in the agenda packet for the meeting. At MOWD’s March 15 meeting it was stated that this resolution would be brought forward naming Etchart and Kentosh to these positions.  

The full agenda and details on attending the virtual meeting are online at:


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