Brush-clearance deadline June 1

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Ventura County Fire Department is reminding about 18,000 property owners with high fire risk that they have a June 1 deadline to remove hazardous vegetation that is within 100 feet of structures, whether the building in on their own property or someone else’s.

Clearance is only required on the owner’s property.

If a property owner does not remove fire hazards, the Fire Department will hire a contractor to do the work. The cost of the work, plus an administrative fee of $1,785, will be billed as a special tax assessment and collected with property taxes, according to Fire Department officials, in a written statement.

“Six of California’s largest and most devastating fires have burned since 2020,” said Ventura County Fire Chief Dustin Gardner. “The threat of wildfires will not diminish, so it’s crucial we find ways to reduce risk and increase safety. Removing the flammable fuels around our homes and businesses is vital to reducing the loss caused by wildfire. The cleared area provides a defensible space for firefighters to protect your home and the homes in your communities.”

Property owners should be aware of the following items that commonly result in a failed inspection:

• Cuttings are not raked and removed.

 Trees aren’t limbed far enough away from roofline and chimneys.

Trees aren’t limbed up high enough off the ground.

The Ventura County Fire Department is a national leader in fire-hazard reduction, according to Fire Department officials. “More than 99% of property owners complete their brush clearance on time without the need for enforcement,” the wrote.

More information is available on the Fire Department’s website at For questions about the notice, contact the local fire station listed on the notice received in the mail. For general questions, call the Fire Hazard Reduction Program information line at 805-389-9759.


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