Letters to the editor: April 29, 2022

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Denying the denialists

Re: Wendy Larner’s April 22 letter, “Yes climate change; no climate crisis”:

Earth Day finds Larner’s Ojai Valley News commentary attacking Alasdair Coyne’s April 15 column, “Climate crisis on the line.” 

Larner disputes the conclusions of the United Nations Assessment on Climate Change with its sobering conclusions and call for urgent action. 

Agreed, a beautiful sunny Ojai Day makes it difficult to believe in a looming climate crisis, as it’s not easy to see “crisis,” or incremental warming, or the invisible and abstract. 

Larner uses an all-too-common rhetoric of starting with her conclusion and mustering faulty evidence for support, so as to convince the reader “no problem here” as “the climate’s always a’changing.” 

She dives down a rabbit hole of baseless claims and factually disproven information in a discussion more rhetoric than argument, dismissing evidence of forests burning, increasing temperatures, violent weather events, rising seas, etc. 

Larner claims concerned environmentalists are nothing but Chicken Littles.

In the alternative world that Larner depicts, we find brave whistleblowers and heroic truth-tellers. I’ll mention two she cites — Stephen Koonin, who faces off against the climate scientists arguing that climate crisis isn’t a settled matter. 

As such, he misstates the scientists’ view that our understanding is evolving as we learn how to learn more about climate change. He suggests something will show us that all that worry was for nothing. This reminded me of the “scientists” from “Don’t Look Up” who theorized the comet on the collision course to Earth would certainly change course at the very last moment. 

Larner also cites a man named Tony Heller, aka Steven Goddard, whose undergraduate degree in geology somehow provides credentials to take on the peer-reviewed results of climate scientists and “expose the fraud of science.” Not surprising that Goddard is the “My Pillow Guy” of climate science with totally bogus flashy stats and charts. Dig a little to discover that Heller is steeped in Birtherism, racist anti-Obamaism,  Stop the Steal-ism, “pseudo-science,” and fossil-fuel industry paychecks. 

Please! Consider this moment with an open and critical mind, but we can do better than to feed off internet pond scum to inform us.

Michael McMahan — Ojai

Ojai should plan for ZIP code celebration

To the people of Ojai:

I was born and raised in Ojai! It will always be my hometown. 

In 2017, I moved to Coronado Island with my family. The ZIP code here is 92118 and on Sept.  21st, in 2018, after months of planning, the townspeople celebrated this “once-in-a-lifetime” date on the calendar — 9-21-18! 

Turns out Ojai will have a once-in-a-lifetime “ZIP code celebration” opportunity next year on Sept. 30, 2023 — 9-30-23! 

I’ll mark my calendar now in hopes that the people of Ojai will come together in high style next September!

Christa Hastie — Coronado

OVN’s thorough reporting appreciated

Re: your April 22 online article about the bus that overturned on South Mountain Road on April 22, as it carried the Santa Paula High School track-and-field team to the Ventura County Championships at Moorpark High School:

Thanks for Kimberly Rivers’ helpful and informative online article. 

The Ventura County Star story had few details or any information about the possible cause, leaving me wondering if the bus driver had done something wrong. Your story included important information that the driver may have done the right thing trying to avoid a worse mishap with another vehicle heading down the wrong side of a narrow road. 

Your story also included the poignant fact that the bus was carrying Santa Paula High School students on their way to an important championship athletic event. I was glad to read that they avoided serious injury, in part, because they were wearing their seatbelts. This is why I subscribe to the Ojai Valley News: I know I will find thorough reporting on local news and what really happened. That’s hard to find anywhere else.

Dee Reid — Meiners Oaks

Thanks to Barbara Bowman for realistic spotlight

Re: Barbara Bowman’s April 22 commentary, “A tale of two meetings”:

Thanks to businesswoman Barbara Bowman for shining a realistic spotlight on long-needed hotel and theater renovations vs. “not my view” local activists and a commission for downtown Ojai.

Hotel El Roblar (pre-Cluff ownership) predates everyone living in Ojai today.

Marilyn Neuman — Ojai




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