Public comments to Ojai Unified school board for May 11, 2022 meeting

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Ojai Unified School District Board of Education Public Comments submitted for

Board Meeting on Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Public Comments

05/11/2022 - Linda Harmon (11.2): “ I was happy to see option two listed. Option two would fulfill a need for affordable housing which would in turn benefit the school system, providing future income and potential students. I’ve lived in Ojai for over 30 years and raised three children here who all attended public schools. Another suggestion, make the housing available to teaching staff as part of their employment package."

05/11/2022 - Craig Andrews (11.2): “ Dear Governing Board Members: Students choose to come to Chaparral when they desire more independence, flexibility, and personal attention than they received at traditional campuses. Beyond core subjects, students here garden, produce music, cut gemstones, design jewelry, learn drawing, learn photography, and enjoy recreational sports. We build bridges to Ventura College and the military, and we work to place students in local jobs and even careers.

Our learners are held accountable to attaining the highest level of growth they can attain while enjoying compassionate educators who make sure they are not sabotaged by a one-size-fits-all curriculum. Moreover, unlike Summit, Chaparral provides a community where most of the student body learns together in person. We also enroll students in remote independent study when that option is best for them. During COVID, when most of the district’s students were forced to be remote, Chaparral received a state waiver to have school in-person for much of that time. This year, the Accreditation Commission for WASC has commended Chaparral for its curricula meeting standards and for its restorative culture. I have witnessed at Chaparral some of the most amazing transformative experiences for students. It is typical for students who come here to turn their lives around, and you will see evidence of this at our June 8 graduation.

The question I have for the Board is: amid all the discussions for relocating this school, are there concerns regarding what is best for our students? Chaparral students need the school to be centrally located and near the trolley stops. Therefore, the school where it stands could not be more ideally located. It is difficult for me to imagine a location that would be better, if the sole criterion were what is best for the students. Please keep in mind students’ needs in considerations about relocating Chaparral--a true gem in the district. Craig Andrews"

05/11/2022 - Darris Lange (General Public Comment): “Part 1 (214 Words) I would like to add a discussion item regarding meeting minutes to a future board agenda item.(timely manner) I spoke with a CDE administrator regarding meeting minutes and requirements. For most if not all district and school meetings, a public record should be created and should be open to the public. There is an open invitation by the CDE to have a group conversation to review requirements for PAC, and other Committee meetings i.e. Pool Committee, with the District, board, and me. This week there is an action item regarding the expenditure of 13 + Million.. Is the pool heated? What considerations were reviewed? Unlike a private school, most meetings are open to the public and require a record. It is not good enough to simply say, We met with a committee. I believe these policies and procedures fall under the board president's responsibility. PAC meetings require minutes and Bi Laws, similar to KRuf's Proposal last fall. KRuf's plan was ignored by the other board members. Whatever happened to PAC? Will they be invited to a board meeting? The California Department of Education has issued a corrective action that, in my opinion, has been ignored, as are many public transparency requirements, from meeting minutes, Board Packets, and "the board handbook" policies of truthfulness."

05/11/2022 - Darris Lange (General Public Comment): Part 2 (235Words) =============CDE=ACTION======================= "VII. Corrective Actions With respect to Allegations 1 and 2, the governing board of the District must establish in a public board meeting a PAC consistent with the requirements in 5 CCR Section 15495(f) and EC Section 52063 for the development of the 2022–23 LCAP and annual update to the LCAP. The District must present the 2022–23 LCAP and the annual update to the LCAP to the newly established PAC for review and comment, pursuant to EC Section 52062(a)(1).=================== With respect to the finding regarding the District's failure to comply with its Board Policy 1312.3, the District is required to adhere to its Policies and Procedures, consistent with 5 CCR Section 4631, in future decisions." ================END=CDE========================= The District has been tasked with developing a new LCAP for 22/23, as the learning continuity plan and LCAP 21/22 were found invalid. I would like a discussion item added to a future agenda to review. How the District paid, with Student/TaxPayer funds, 50 thousand 70 thousand due to the lack of action by the board? Why? The board and District should focus on the budget, increase transparency, and meet basic minimum requirements. Pool Projects, Downtown Design, and plot tax is off the table until the District can "Right the Ship". It is time for a new board president. I am not sure how the president position stayed static. Election minutes/video do not have a record of rotations."




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