Mardi Gras to wake up Ojai March 7

Bill Warner, Ojai Valley News reporter
And you thought Mardi Gras was over and done with last week. Nope — Mardi Gras was just getting started last week, and the Ojai Mardi Gras Wake-Up! Krewe has every intention of proving it when the annual masquerade ball gets under way March 7 at the Ojai Art Center.
This year's theme and decor promise to color the revelries with a heady dose of nostalgia. "Back to the Future: 25 Years of Memories" will celebrate a quarter century of carnival seasons in the Ojai Valley, including more than a few of the decorative features from bygone years. "This year is the first time we've actually pulled out artwork from past years," said Krewe member Judy Nelson.

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