Area man arrested in dog stabbing

03102015 cisco stabbed
Cisco is expected to make a full recovery after his harrowing ordeal.

Misty Volaski, Ojai Valley News editor

Jackie Major never saw a knife. All she saw on Feb. 28 was a man walk up to her therapy dog, Cisco, in their front yard, and bend down as if to pet him.
When Cisco hit the ground, his owner realized something was seriously wrong.
"I started to say 'Hi,' but then I saw this crazed look (on the man's face), then I saw his hand slam down on Cisco," Major recalled. "Cisco hunched over — he didn't cry or whimper — and I got up in the guy's face and asked him what he did. He kept saying, 'I didn't do anything, I didn't do anything.'"

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