Feast on citrus during April — Ojai Pixie Tangerine Month

03312015 AW pixie tangerines

Eat them, drink them, use them in massages — Ojai Pixies are good for just about everything. (Ojai Valley News photo by Ashley Wilson)

Ojai Pixie tangerines have been around for decades. Totally seedless, easy to peel and wonderfully sweet — not to mention good for you — they've long been revered by locals.

This year's harvest, growers say, is shaping up to be the biggest ever. To celebrate, they've teamed up with the Ojai Visitors Bureau and merchants across thevalley to mark April as Ojai Pixie Tangerine Month.
With so many Pixie-inspired things to eat, drink, see and experience, April in Ojai just got a whole lot sweeter.
Here's a small sample of Ojai's offerings to get you rolling down sweet street. For the full list, see

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