It's my job: Gillian McManus, Ojai Music Festival operations director

04212015 gillian mcmanus OMF
Gillian McManus is a force for the Ojai Music Festival. (photo submitted)

Tiobe Barron, Ojai Valley News correspondent
One hallmark of a successful festival is its ability to run of its own accord — and the annual Ojai Music Festival is no exception. But don't let appearances deceive you; behind that seamless musical façade is a skilled team, one led by Music Festival operations director Gillian McManus, to organize, schedule and finesse this Ojai institution.
"One of the challenges I face is that every year the festival keeps getting bigger, which makes it increasingly complicated … But challenges, when they are met, become fun, rewarding," McManus said. "I work with an unbelievably bright group of people, and teamwork makes my job easier and more fun."

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