Tennis Tournament returns, and it’s advantage: Ojai

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For the 115th year, the Ojai Tennis Tournament is back in town, filling almost every available court in the Ojai Valley and beyond with tennis players eager for on-court glory. Above, the University of Arizona's Naoki Takeda hits a backhand passing shot in a match against University of Oregon player Daan Maasland, in the first round of the Men’s Pac-12 Tennis Championship Wednesday. Below, Judy Macy keeps track of the score. For a full schedule of events, stories, history and more, check out the official Tennis Tournament program, produced by the Ojai Valley News in partnership with the Ojai Valley Tennis Club, available at Libbey Park and at (Ojai Valley News photo by Dougal Brownlie)

04232015 DB TennisTourney Judy Macy

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