Go solar with Green Coalition, CEC installation discounts

Solarize Ojai Valley, a community-led program offering group discounts on solar electrical systems, launched last week. The program offers vetted installers and sizable discounts on solar installations. Solarize Ojai Valley is offered as a partnership between the Community Environmental Council (CEC), the Ojai Valley Green Coalition (OVGC), and the vetted installer partners.
This year’s Solarize Ojai Valley program is the third Solarize program offered to area residents; past Solarize programs have already helped 17 local homeowners begin saving on utility bills by going solar. Michael J. Shapiro, who had solar installed in the last Solarize Ojai Valley program, shared his experience. "I'd always dreamed of having my Ojai house go solar, but until the Solarize Ojai Valley program, I didn't know where to begin — or if I'd even benefit from doing so. All of my questions were completely answered by the knowledgeable folks from the Solarize Ojai Valley program. I can't recommend the program enough for anyone that's even remotely thinking about taking their first steps towards going solar!"

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