Heroic Man Saves Two Kids


Nature of Incident: Ventura Man Saves Two Toddlers from Drowning Location:  800 block of Thomas St., Oak View, CA Date & Time: 03/27/2009    7:00 p.m. Involved Parties Female Child, 2 ½  Female Child, 22 months Scot Olson, 47 Narrative:    Landscaper Scot Olson was working in a yard in the 800 Block of Thomas Street in Oak View.  A family reunion was in progress next door with several children playing outside.  Olson noticed two toddlers near the swimming pool and called to them to stay away from the pool.Believing adults were monitoring the children he returned to his work.  A few moments later he looked over at the pool again and saw one of the toddlers floating on the surface of the water.  Olson

broke through a picket fence that surrounded the yards, pulled the floating child from the pool and began rescue breathing.  Seeing the other child was at the bottom of the pool he yelled for help and continued rescue breathing on the first.  A

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