Clapp asked to recuse herself in Weil appeal

Kimberly Rivers, Ojai Valley News correspondent
(Updated 6/19/15,10:55 a.m.)

Ojai City Councilwoman Betsy Clapp has been asked to recuse herself from the deliberations regarding the appeal of the Weil Tennis Academy expansion project.
Attorney Susan M. Basham, of the Santa Barbara-based law firm Price, Postel and Parma, representing Joseph and Linda Clark of Ojai, sent a letter dated June 12 to Clapp asking her to “immediately recuse” herself from “further participation in the City Council’s deliberations on the pending appeal.”
As of press deadline, Joseph Clark said they have not received a response from Clapp.
Basham cites Clapp’s actions at the June 8 City Council meeting as evidence of her inability to remain “impartial in this matter.” That impartiality is stated as grounds for her recusal.


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