Ojai City Watch 4/1/09

FROM: Sgt Joe Evans Greeting Watchers. In light of recent events in our valley, one of our Watchers thought it may be a good idea for everyone to have access to C.P.R. training. As most of you read in the paper, a local hero saved the lives of two small children whom had fallen into a swimming pool. Because this hero was trained in C.P.R. he was able to revive both children from unconsciousness.  The following are two locations that provide C.P.R. training.Learn how to make your child’s environment safe, to prevent the most common childhood accidents, and infant/child CPR and choking techniques. No babies or children should attend this class, please. Cost is $25.00 per person.  Call 805/658-BABY (2229) to register for the following classes to be held on Saturdays 9-11 a.m.: 2009 Dates * January 31 * February 21 * March 21 * May 2 * June 13 Here is another one right in Oak View. Date and Time: Saturday, March 21, 10:00-12:00pm (CPR); Tuesday, April14,

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