Huyler To Sign 'Daughters of India'

By Linda Harmon

Stephen Huyler, who has traveled and studied India’s rich culture for more than four decades will be sharing a small but intimate slice of Indian life as he gives a free presentation profiling his newest book, “Daughters of India,” on April 15 at the Ojai Center for the Arts.  “I’ve always been a guest in Indian homes since my first trip,” said Huyler, who considers himself very lucky indeed. Huyler, has just returned from India where he presented copies of his fifth book to many of the 20 female artists featured in it.  Huyler wanted to write about the Indian woman’s identity, but limited it to 20 people varying it to include women from high in the Himalayas, to the desert, to the rice paddies, along the rivers and in jungles. He also included all ages from a small girl to a woman of 80 and included women who live behind the veil, those who have broken out, and others who never have. “I wanted to tell their stories to convey an introduction to Indian womanhood,” said Huyler, who

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