Ojai City Watch 4/10/09

FROM: Sgt. Joe Evans

Good afternoon Watchers We seem to be experiencing more domestic violence calls than normal.  In these types of incidents it is very important that we are called as soon as possible. Many times we arrive at these calls while they are still just verbal arguments. Your deputies are trained in crisis intervention and can usually calm the parties down and give them resources for counseling and other social services available to them.  When we are called later in the incident, the fight has often already turned physical and your deputies are challenged with separating the parties and sometimes requesting needed medical assistance for the victims. Many times this may lead to arrest and even a emergency restraining order being issued. Either way it is always better for us to get called early rather than later in the incident. If you have neighbors or loved ones who are involved in a heated argument and you feel someone needs to intervene, please call us. We want to get involved

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