A man with a plan: Ojai designer trying to get residents to develop a vision for the future

Tiobe Barron, Ojai Valley News correspondent

While the Ojai City Council typically meets at least once a year to discuss goals and priorities, there has not been a corresponding organized forum for Ojai residents to independently do the same — until now.

Ojai resident Steve Weed is spearheading and facilitating a movement to create an “Ojai Vision,” culled from feedback from residents.

Owner of Landau Design, a web and graphic design company, Weed organized the first Ojai Vision community event Aug. 13 with one morning session and one evening session.

“Our city lacks a unified long-term plan for development. Some people don’t want anything to change; some are satisfied to see our city based on tourism more and more; and other people may have other ideas about the future,” said Weed.

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