It’s my job: Bruce Vincent enjoys telling people to take a hike

120115pvh bruce vincent nature walk

Ojai Valley News photo by Perry Van Houten

Naturalist Bruce Vincent (left) leads a nature walk during Ojai Wild 2015.

Perry Van Houten, Ojai Valley News correspondent

Bruce Vincent’s teaching skills were put to the test on his very first guided nature walk. In spring 2015, the 65-year-old Ojai naturalist was hired to lead two teenage brothers on a tour through Libbey and Soule parks. The boys were interested in birds and plants, and both had been blind since birth.

“You have to interpret nature on the level that the person you’re talking to can understand,” Vincent said, so he relied on the boys’ senses of hearing, touch and smell. “Smelling the leaves, touching the leaves, I knew I could incorporate that. I also knew I had some bird feathers I could have them feel. And then we did the sounds.”

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