A siren’s song: Warnings will not come from outdated system

120315 td casitas siren 2

Ojai Valley News photo by Tim Dewar

These sirens in Casitas Springs, a relic from when a failure of the Casitas Dam was a concern, are inoperable and will not provide warning in the event of El Niño-related flooding.

Bill Warner, Ojai Valley News reporter

The emergency sirens in Casitas Springs aren’t likely to be of much help in the event of severe rainfall this winter. They haven’t made much noise since they were tested in 2002, shortly after being installed as a warning system should anything go awry during the refurbishment of Casitas Dam. And in any case, they weren’t intended for flash floods or mudslides, which tend to happen with the kind of suddenness sufficient to make a warning siren useless.

But in terms of flood control, the area at the southern end of the Ojai Valley may be better off than ever before.

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