Ojai City Watch 4/22/09

FROM: Sgt. Joe Evans

Greetings Watchers. Well our friends and neighbors in the Monte Via tract are at it again. This past weekend a crook decided to go into this neighborhood and look for victims. Well as we all know this is not a neighborhood of victims but it is a neighborhood who has a history of watching out for each other and catching crooks in the process.  In the early evening one of our neighbors found this crook in his garage. Our neighbor noticed that not only was this man in his garage but he was also wearing a hat that belonged to our neighbor. Well our neighbor took exception to the crook wearing his hat and called for his local deputies to assist him. The crook was detained by our neighbor until your deputies arrived. The crook had not only gotten into the garage but he also stole the hat out of our neighbors parked car.The crook was arrested and additional stolen property from another victim was found in the crooks pockets. The crook was booked into County Jail for Residential

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