A dynamite idea: Group decides one Matilija silt removal plan a dam site better

040516 dam front wide angle

Ojai Valley News archive photo

Holes drilled in the base of the dam would allow silt to be carried away during high-flow rain events.

Bill Warner, Ojai Valley News reporter

It could be some time before anyone sees the actual results, but a plan for getting rid of the Matilija Dam is finally in place. Meeting at the Ventura County Government Center March 17, the 19 members of the dam project’s Design Oversight Group were one vote short of unanimous in approving the second of three options to demolish the 58-year-old structure on Matilija Creek. Design review concept 2A/2B, supported drilling a pair of tunnels in the base of the dam, to be blown open by dynamite during a time of high water.

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