INSPIRE - teachers welcomed back

As part of the INSPIRE effort, the Ojai Valley Christian Fellowship Church provided a welcome back reception for teachers and staff at Mira Monte Elementary School Aug. 23. (see photos below) The Church of the Living Christ, led by Bev Lambert, provided a similar welcome at Meiners Oaks Elementary School. (INSPIRE photos by Alexander Schottky)

Inspire! is a community-wide partnership with Ojai Unified Schools the seeks to inspire 500 people from the Ojai Valley to give one hour or more a year to create environments that inspire Ojai students.

082416mm teacher welcome 1248.jpeg

Michelle Valenzuela, (from left) Petra Battleson, Alex Triggs and Chris Hess go through the food line.

082416mm teacher welcome 1254.jpeg
Petra Battleson, (from left) Michelle Valenzuela, Lori Ponce, Pamela Dzukola enjoy their lunch.
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Making their lunch selections are Lisa Patsch (from left) Cyndi Michie, Kimari Foote and Victoria Hughart.

082416mm teacher welcome 1282.jpeg

Giving a thumbs up to the volunteers who made the welcome back possible are Katherine White (from left) Nadine Litonjua, Ted Tambakis, Kimari Foote, Lisa Patsch, June Sears, Michelle Valenzuela, Margaret Pealee, Petra Battleson, Lori Ponce and Pamela Dzukola.

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