Lake officials might order sediment survey

101216 TD lone shell
Ojai Valley News photo by Tim Dewar
A shell, left high and dry by receeding waters of Lake Casitas, shows the extent of the drought in the aera. A survey of how much sediment has been deposited could give Casitas officials a etter idea of how much water is left in the lake.
Bill Warner, Ojai Valley News reporter
A more precise estimate of how much sediment has collected at the bottom of Lake Casitas and how much water might really be left in Lake Casitas could be forthcoming.
Steve Wickstrum, general manager of the Casitas Municipal Water District (CMWD), said he would present District's Executive Committee with a proposal for a bathymetric survey of the lake. If accepted by the Committee, the proposal could appear as an agenda item when the CMWD Board of Directors meets Oct. 26.
“We've got people who are pretty concerned about just how much water is left,” Wiskstrum said Oct. 10. “And there's also the need to know just what we're working with.”

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