Gas-money grant and practice help propel Nordhoff grad to center stage

011917 wyatt on stage
Photo submitted
Standup comic Wyatt Gray performs recently.
Bill Warner, Ojai Valley News reporter
By his own account, comedian Wyatt Gray doesn't just choose his words carefully — he chooses them obsessively. “I love to put extra effort into every word I say,” he tells the audience in his Taboo Tales video, “Wyatt and the Good Vibrations.”
His attention to language and speech is not by whim, though, as he explains in the video: It's the direct result of being a stutterer. And stuttering, as he describes, came to him as the result of trauma — the loss of his father, murdered when Gray was still a toddler.
It was that loss, too, that brought his family from Los Angeles to Ojai, where Gray spent his formative years. Ojai is also where he made the transition from a taciturn stutterer to a confident master of elocution. Inspired in part by the oratorical skills of actors he heard in movies — Gregory Peck, for example — Gray made up his mind to overcome any inclination to stutter. “I got to where I am today by dogged practice and the determined belief I had a voice and something to say.”

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