Nordhoff students attend inauguration, protest march

012617 nhs womens march
Photo courtesy of Chris Bohney
Nordhoff students (from left) Rebekah Gorman, Nona Goldman, Claire Woolson, Emma-Rose Allen, Reyes Hermandez, Kristian Munnikhuis and Jay Inman attend the Women's March on Washington Jan. 21.
Andra Belknap, Ojai Valley News reporter
Nordhoff High School government students attended President Donald Trump’s Jan. 20 inauguration in Washington, D.C. and the ensuing protest Jan. 21.
Government and politics teacher Chris Bohney and his eight students committed to the trip long before the Nov. 8 election. The class followed the election closely — they even hosted an election simulation and debate of their own to raise funds for the trip.
012617vietnam war memorial
Photo courtesy of Chris Bohney
The students found the name of a former Nordhoff High School student, Herman Morris, on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in Washington, D.C.

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