Former Ojai top cop Vince France dies at 73

020917 vince france
Ojai Valley News file photo
Former Ojai Chief of Police Vince France shows off his collection of pigs.
Bill Warner, Ojai Valley News reporter
Tom Farmer remembers the time Vince France ran a classified ad in the paper, inviting folks to drop their Christmas trees off at the Ojai Valley State Bank post-Dec. 25. “I was executive vice president of the bank, and Vince was the chief of police,” Farmer said. “Anyhow, I got to work the next morning, and I couldn't the front door of the bank because of all the freakin' Christmas trees.”
Farmer retaliated with an ad of his own, though, when France had a pacemaker installed, advising the public that batteries of all shapes and sizes should be left as donations on the chief's front lawn. “We continued to play jokes on one another,” Farmer said, “pretty much right up until he died.”

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