Rotary looks to provide outdoor pavilion to Matilija

021417 matilija outdoor
Illustration courtesy of Whitman Architectural Design
An illustration of the proposed pavilion was presented to the School Board Feb. 7.
Andra Belknap, Ojai Valley News reporter
Bill Gilbreth, president of the Rotary Club of Ojai, was inspired to undertake a community project at Matilija Junior High School by a book.
“It's pretty weird,” he said. “The first time the idea came into my head was when I was reading a book about 17th century Amsterdam. The book I read was about tolerance. How and why the city of Amsterdam came together and became so tolerant. And the book's thesis was because they worked on a common project.”
Gilbreth met with fellow Rotarian Cheree Edwards, who had been exploring ideas for beautification projects on the school campus, and the idea for a 625-square-foot outdoor pavilion was born.

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