John Kay will come ‘steppen’ into town this weekend

Bill Warner, Ojai Valley News reporter
Some songs just have a way of becoming new again; not only do they endure, but they refuse to grow old. This is something John Kay knows full well. “Back in 2008 and 2009, when the country was coming up from recession and times were hard on a lot of people, we started getting all these requests on our website to play ‘Monster’ again,” he said. “People would say, ‘It seems as relevant now as it was in 1969.’”
Ojai Valley residents might expect to find “Monster” in the playlist March 4 when John Kay & Steppenwolf take the stage at the Libbey Bowl, the first of the concert series booked by Sterling Venue Ventures for the 2017 season at the Bowl.
For Kay, the renewed popularity of “Monster” exemplifies the popularity of music from the 1960s in general. “Everybody remembers fondly the music from their youth,” he said. “But what was going on in the ‘60s was so intense, the music came to reflect the concerns of the young age group having to deal with it all.”

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