Mobile Home park rent increase request will be heard June 5

Andra Belknap, Ojai Valley News reporter
A proposed rent increase for the Ojai Valley Estates Mobile Home Park will be discussed June 5 by The Ventura County Mobile Home Park Rent Review Board (RRB).
The park is at 1975 Maricopa Highway.
The proposal would raise each of the park's 89 tenant-occupied spaces an additional $588.83 per month beginning Sept. 1.
A park-owned manager unit would be exempt from the increase.
The lowest rent paid in the park is listed at $621.38, the highest — the park-owned unit — is $950.
The RRB declared the increase application invalid Feb. 24 because it lacked supporting documentation and information to thoroughly evaluate the discretionary rent increase. 
The RRB asked the park owner, Larry Mar of Huntington Beach, to apply a percentage amount to each existing space rent as opposed to the proposed $588.83 rent increase for each space.

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