Recent rains are making the area’s bee population happy

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Ojai News Photo by Tim Dewar
One of the Ojai Valley’s many bees is hard at work collecting pollen from a California poppy.
Andra Belknap, Ojai Valley News reporter
This season’s 27 inches of rain has local bees and their keepers thrilled. “More rain equals more honey and more wax,” said Steve Nimmer, a local beekeeper. “You have healthier, more productive bees. It’s all-around win for beekeepers.”
The last five years of drought have been tough in an already-tough profession, said Nimmer, who owns Mission Beekeeping.
“If you have malnourished bees, they’re more susceptible to illness,” he said.
“The bloom is something spectacular, the trees are really responding to the rain,” said John Krist, CEO of the Ventura County Farm Bureau.

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