Some charges dropped in long-running medical cannabis case

Bill Warner, Ojai Valley News reporter
Following a hiatus from Dec. 15, the preliminary examination for Ventura County’s criminal case against Jeff Kroll, Shangri La Care Cooperative (SLCC) co-founder, resumed for approximately two hours April 7. It was enough time for defense attorney Zenia Gilg to review evidence related to charges of elder abuse and child endangerment and for Ventura Superior Court Judge Michelle Castillo to declare a recess until May 3.
“Zenia made the point that the sheriff’s report did not match transcripts of the original police interviews,” Kroll said April 10. It was also established there had been no confidential informant in the investigation of SLCC, he said — and thus no reason for the Ventura County District Attorney’s office to have kept the warrants sealed until December 2016.
Moreover, there was no written complaint on which the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office (VCSO) might have based its decision to investigate SLCC.
Kroll was one of three men associated with the Ojai-based cooperative who were arrested in April 2016 on a variety of charges related to the operation of the not-for-profit business, which provides its members with medicinal products derived from cannabis. SLCC has been inoperative ever since.

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