City revises requirement for second unit will-serve letters

Bill Warner, Ojai Valley News reporter
If you're a resident of the city of Ojai and you're planning to hook an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) into the sewer main, the city has made the process a little easier. It's no longer necessary to obtain will-serve letters from the Ojai Valley Sanitary District (OVSD) as a prerequisite for receiving the permit — as long as the lateral for a primary residence is already in place. Meeting in regular session April 25, the Ojai City Council was unanimous in its resolution to discontinue the practice.
“We voted to follow the intent of the general plan and state law as it pertains to Senate Bill 1069,” said Mayor Pro Tem William Weirick, who introduced the resolution. “We feel there is not a legal basis to collect a charge on an existing lateral to a primary residence when an ADU is hooked in.”
Approved Sept. 27 by Governor Jerry Brown, SB 1069 is intended in part to stimulate affordable housing in the state by easing local restrictions on second-residential units. Among its provisions, water and sewer agencies will no longer be able to charge for hookups to second units, whether constructed as part of an existing dwelling or as a freestanding unit on the same lot.

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