County efforts make little difference in Camp Chaffee situation

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Ojai Valley News photo by Bill Warner
A crew from the Ventura County Public Works Agency removes mud from the flooded dry-weather crossing of Camp Chaffee Road on Coyote Creek May 9.
Bill Warner, Ojai Valley News reporter
Armed with a large excavator, a crew from the Ventura County Public Works Agency was on the scene May 9 in Foster Park, removing some of the mud from a flooded section of Camp Chaffee Road, the primary access for approximately 20 homes on the eastern side of Coyote Creek. 
“We wanted to complement the efforts of the neighbors,” said District 1 Supervisor Steve Bennett, whose office dispatched the work detail. 
Bennett said he'd visited the site a day earlier, along with staff from Public Works, when it became apparent that a group of residents had attempted to remove some of the sediment obstructing the flow of Coyote Creek just south of the dry-weather crossing. 
“It looked like they had lowered the water some,” Bennett said. “So we said, if they've made the effort, we could make an effort to clean up some of the mud around the site.”

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