Quagga mussels on the menu at Casitas meeting

Bill Warner, Ojai Valley News reporter
Quagga mussels will be back on the menu at the Casitas Municipal Water District's (CMWD's) June 15 Board of Directors meeting. The reason: an accelerated release of water from Lake Piru, where the mussels have been established for a number of years. 
The CMWD Board is worried the release could bring the invasive bivalves a few steps nearer to Lake Casitas, which has so far eluded contamination. When it meets, the Board will consider voicing its concerns in a letter to Bruce Dandy, president of the United Water Conservation District (UWCD).
CMWD Director Russ Baggerly said the UWCD authorized the release of 15,000 acre-feet of water from Lake Piru to address a water-quality crisis in El Rio, where the groundwater has gone down and the nitrate content has gone up. This would be followed by a release of 10,000 acre-feet from Lake Castaic. Both releases would reach the El Rio spreading ground by way of the Freeman Diversion near Saticoy.

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